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SYSPRO Data Warehouse
Quick Start Package 

Pre-built Data Warehouse solution includes these core foundational peices:

  • Core configuration of Snowflake (roles, warehouse, security, users, databases, schemas etc…)

  • Install and configure data pipelines and SQL CDC to move raw SYSPRO data to Snowflake.

  • DBT Cloud core setup and configurations

    • CI/CD pipelines configured

    • GITHUB setup.

  • Install of pre-built core SYSPRO data models (modelled in DBT).

  • Pre-built PowerBI reporting.

  • Training and support to get your inhouse BI resources up to speed.

  • Guidance on BI Strategy to maximize benefits of your EDW platform and data assets.


  • Implement your EDW in “days/weeks” not “months/years” at a fraction of the cost.

  • Enjoy all the benefits of market leading “best in class” cloud tools like Snowflake and DBT.

  • Fast track getting real ROI out of your EDW investment.

  • Save months of development hours by using our pre-developed solutions.

  • De-risk your project by using our tried and tested frameworks, and market leading tools we recommend.

  • Future-proofed, fully scalable solution that’s right for your business, regardless of what applications you might use in the future, or how big your business grows.

  • Completely customizable, adjustable framework, we don’t lock you into using products licensed to “Seaview Data”, and you have complete access to all code so you can tailor and adjust your system to your business’s needs.

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